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Frequently asked Questions

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How will I know I'm ready to take my test?

We will keep track of your progress and discuss this with you as appropriate. We will let you know when we feel you are ready to start thinking about booking a test.

Can I have lessons more than 1 hour long?

Yes, many pupils find it beneficial to have longer lessons and, depending upon available time slots, 1.5 and 2 hour lessons can be arranged.

Can I have more than 1 lesson a week?

Of course you can. The less time between lessons will help you learn quicker as you will need to spend less time acclimatising yourself to the car each time. Please call to discuss availability.

Are you a qualified instructor?

Yes. In order to conduct driving lessons on a professional basis, all instructors must be registered with the DIA.

Some schools use 'PDI's (practising driving instructors). These are registered instructors but who have not yet passed the final part of their instructors test. These will display a pink triangular sticker in the car window.

I am a fully qualified instructor and as such, display a green, hexagonal sticker in the car.

How many lessons will I need?

There are many factors that determine how many lessons you will end up needing. Age, gender, attitude, personality and the ability to practise when not in lessons all contribute.

Once you have had a few lessons, we will be better able to judge this for you.

Will other pupils be in the car with me?

NO! Unlike many schools, all our lessons are conducted on a one to one basis and you will not be sharing your lessons with other pupils.

Do you offer a combined and integrated tuition providing both theoretical and practical training?

Yes, we can offer you the full package and assist with both the practical and theory side of learning to drive we loan out theory DVDs that cover the full theory test question bank and the the hazard perception test.

Do you formally agree to adhere to the terms of the Code of Practice for Approved Driving Instructors?

Of course, we are governed by the DSA code of practice which applies to all fully qualified driving instructors, we also have are own internal practices and procedures which are regularly reviewed and fully monitored at all times.

Do you display the Green ADI sticker on your car?

Yes, as the DSA requests, all instructors display the green ADI badge, these green badges can be found displayed at the top or bottom left hand side of our instructor vehicles windscreen.

Do you have male and female instructors?

Yes, we have both male and female driving instructors, I must add that our females instructors are in great demand and often have waiting lists of over 3 - 4 weeks for new clients, after saying this, all our male driving instructors are just as highly qualified.

Can I have the same instructor for all my lessons?

For sure, the only time we would even consider changing instructors would be at the clients own request, all are instructors are hand selected, all are friendly and patient and have the necessary attributes of great instructors, hence their high grades. (Did you know that all qualified driving instructors have a grade of between 1 and 6, grade 6 being the highest grade which is very difficult to achieve and takes years of patience, personal development and dedication, these grades are regularly reviewed by the DSA, driving instructors are re-graded after every check test).

What type of training vehicles do you use?

We use the brand new Vauxhall Corsa or Citroen C3, all are new, did you know that the Vauxhall Corsa has been voted the best learner driver car by the DIA for the past 5-6 years.

Are the cars dual controlled?

Of course, all our instructor cars are fully "he man" dual controlled, for the safety of our clients and instructors we wouldn't have it any other way.

How old are your training vehicles cars?

All our training vehicles are replaced after 18 months, the full fleet is currently under one year old, some are brand new depending on instructor.

Do I have the same car for every lesson?

Yes, and for continuity, when it comes to the DSA practical L Test, it is conducted in the the very same car that all driving lessons where taken in.

Do you have a individual pick up service?

The place of pick up is agreed prior to the lesson, mostly it is either the Uni or home, we can also drop off in Town or at the Uni if agreed by the instructor prior to the commencement of the lesson.

Do you work weekends?

Most instructors work Saturdays, some work Sundays, all keep their own diaries so it is down to them which days they work and take off, but most will work a Saturday morning at the very least.

Can you pick up after college?

Yes, If agreed prior to the driving lesson we can pick up from School, College or even Uni, the lessons can end at home if requested.

How much are your Driving Lessons?

Please refer to below for our prices, or visit www.streetdrive-dorset.co.uk for our very latest lesson prices. We aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible and believe we offer the very best service money can buy.

Do you have discounts for block booking?

Yes, we have discounts on block bookings of both 10 hrs and 20 hrs, the balance must be received in full at the start of each block booking.

What are your payment terms?

You can pay by cash at the start of each lesson if purchasing PAYG lessons, block bookings and intensive courses are to be paid in full prior to the first lesson or on the day of the first lesson if paying cash, we also accept cash and card payments, there is a 3.5% surcharge for payments made online.

Which L Test centre do you use?

We use Bournemouth Driving Test Centre, this would is the closest to where you live and for the areas we cover.

Can you provide a reference of recent students?

Yes, we have an online testimonials / reviews page which is updated regulary or each time a client passes their L Test and wishes to leave their comments. We have nothing to hide, our clients email address are made available to prove authenticity. We ask you kindly not to spam our ex clients who have been good enough to leave us their reviews.

How can we book Driving Lessons with you?

Firstly, we welcome your business, to book your initial driving lesson then please call our office mobile number on 0740 340 8192 or 0789 407 5879, alternatively you can email us at pass@streetdrive-dorset.co.uk.

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